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RODRI'S RODEO: Social Media & Videos

Manchester City Cruise By Fulham, 5-1: Reaction & Tweets

A really good win as we move!

Manchester City Win at Bramall Lane: Reaction & Tweets

A win away and we move!

Manchester City Emerge Victorious Over Newcastle United: Reaction & Tweets

The manager was content with the performance.

Manchester City Win Super Cup: Reaction & Tweets

One more added to the cabinet.

Manchester City Take First PL Match, 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and we get some reaction.

Manchester City Win the UCL: More Reaction & Pictures

A phenomenal weekend.


A day to enjoy and celebrate.

Manchester City Crowned FA Cup Champions: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and now a second title.

Manchester City Lose PL Finale: Reaction & Tweets

A bad ending to an otherwise special season.

Manchester City Celebrate 3-Peat PL Title: Reaction & Tweets

A look at the celebration after the huge win vs Chelsea.

Manchester City Crush Real Madrid: Reaction & Tweets

What a win and a moment!

Manchester City Take Control in Win at Goodison, 3-0: Reactions & Tweets

What a win!

Manchester City Draws at Real Madrid: Reaction & Tweets

A great result with the second leg on the way.

Manchester City Beat Leeds United, Control PL Destiny: Reaction & Tweets

A big win!

Manchester City Succeed vs West Ham, Win 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

A nice midweek win!

Manchester City Clear Fulham, 2-1: Reaction & Tweets

A big win away in the Prem.

Manchester City Clear of Arsenal: Reaction & Tweets

One step closer.

Manchester City Conquer Wembley, Advance to the FA Cup Final: Reaction & Tweets

A huge final awaits.

Manchester City Beat Bayern, in Last Four of UCL: Reaction & Tweets

A great leg and win over a titan of UCL.

Manchester City Down Foxes, 3-1: Reaction & Tweets

A great game and we move in pace at the top.

Manchester City Sweep Bayern 3-0: UCL Reaction & Tweets

A fantastic win and we move!

Manchester City Win Down South, 4-1 vs Southampton: Reaction & Tweets

A big win.

Manchester City Revel in Liverpool Win, 4-1: Reaction & Tweets

A really good win and we move.

Manchester City Win FA Cup Match, 6-0 v Burnley: Reaction & Tweets

A very nice win.

Manchester City Run Rampant in UCL: Reaction & Tweets

Just a big, big win!

Manchester City Clear Crystal Palace 1-0, Away: Reaction & Tweets

What a great win as the title race intensifies.

Manchester City Overcome Newcastle, 2-0: Reaction & Tweets

A much needed win!

Manchester City Cruise in the FA Cup, 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and we move.

Manchester City Claim Cherries, Win 4-1: Reaction & Tweets

Much needed win.

Manchester City 1-1 RB Leipzig: Reaction & Tweets

A missed opportunity or right where we have them?

Manchester City Draw at Forest: Reaction & Tweets

A missed opportunity.

Manchester City Conquer London, Beat Arsenal 3-1: Reaction & Tweets

A win that can lead to a title.