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MAHREZ MANIA: Social Media & Videos

Thank You, Raheem Sterling - Manchester City Supporters

A great run as we bid goodbye.

Best Reactions to Erling Haaland Signing: Manchester City Fans Rejoice

A buzzing morning!

Julian Alvarez Nets SIX goals, Sets Manchester City Fans Ablaze

What a night!

Manchester City are Premier League Champions, AGAIN: Reactions & Tweets

What a way to win the back to back title.


What a win!

Manchester City Level in London, 2-2 vs West Ham: Reaction & Tweets

A subpar result.

Manchester City Win Away, Slam Wolves 5-1: Reaction & Tweets

A huge W and away victory!

Manchester City Crush Newcastle United, 5-0: Reaction & Tweets

A one sided affair send City top again!

Manchester City Suffer, Eliminated from UCL: Reaction & Tweets

A big loss and impactful one.

Manchester City Clean up at Leeds, Win 4-0: Reaction & Tweets

A win for the crown as City stay top!

Manchester City win UCL Thriller, 4-3 vs Real Madrid: Reaction & Tweets

A cracking game!

Manchester City Paste Watford, 5-1: Reaction & Tweets

What a win at home!

Manchester City Take Down Brighton, 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great win.

Manchester City Fall in Wembley, Lose FA Cup Semi’s: Reaction & Tweets

A down day.

Manchester City Survive Atletico, 1-0 Win in Agg: Reaction & Tweets

What a game and aggregate win!

Manchester City Held by Second Place Team, 2-2: Reaction & Tweets

A draw, perhaps undeserved as City share points.

Manchester City Take Narrow Lead, Beat Atletico Madrid, 1-0:

A win and we move cautiously to the second leg.

Manchester City Win Away, 2-0 vs Burnley: Reaction & Tweets

A great win! We move!

Manchester City Advance, Beat Southampton, 4-1: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and now a break.

Manchester City in Stalemate vs Crystal Palace: Reaction & Tweets

A less than ideal result.

Manchester City Beat Sporting, Into QF: Reaction & Tweets

A well done tie.

Manchester Derby Delight: Reaction & Tweets after 4-1 Victory

What a night!

Manchester City Advance in FA Cup: Reaction & Tweets

A good win ahead of a huge derby.

Manchester City Fall to Spurs, 2-3: Reaction & Tweets

Rough defeat to Spurs, again.

Manchester City Dominate in Portugal, Beat Sporting 5-0: Reaction & Tweets

A fun day of action in UCL!

Manchester City Cruise, Beat Norwich City 4-0: Reaction & Tweets

What a win!

Manchester City Down Brentford, 2-0: Reaction & Tweets

Fantastic win!

Manchester City Clear Fulham, 4-1: Reaction & Tweets

A great cup win!

Manchester City Lock Even vs Southampton, 1-1: Reaction & Tweets

A share of the points down south.

Manchester City Down Chelsea, 1-0: Reaction & Tweets

Great win as Pep and his men are clear at the top.

Manchester City Clear Swindon, 4-1: Reaction & Tweets

A terrific win as youth and senior players shined.

Manchester City Survive London, Win 2-1 at Arsenal: Reaction & Tweets

What a win and in London!