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MAHREZ MANIA: Social Media & Videos

Fall at the Etihad: Manchester City Lose 1-2 vs Brentford: Reaction & Tweets

A bad defeat that eaves the club second going in to second half of the season.

Manchester City Win vs Chelsea, Advance in League Cup: Reaction & Tweets

A great game and win.

Manchester City Beat Fulham 2-1: Reaction & Tweets

A really good win as they come back from big deficit.

Manchester City Complete Comeback, Beat Sevilla: Reaction & Tweets

A nice win and confidence booster.

Manchester City Clear of Leicester City, Win 1-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and away three points.

Manchester City Draw vs Dortmund, Win Group: Reaction & Tweets

A winning of the group!

Manchester City Take Care of Brighton, 3-1: Reaction & Tweets

A nice win and we move.

Manchester City Lose At Anfield: Reaction & Tweets

A rough one to stomach.

Manchester City Draw in UCL, Still Advance to Next Round: Reaction & Tweets

A huge result that although not a win, we release in to the next round.

Manchester City Dispose of Saints, Win 4-0: Reaction & Tweets

Really good win and we move.

Manchester City Remains Perfect in UCL, Win 5-0: Reaction & Tweets

A really good win!

Manchester City Conquer Manchester United, 6-3: Reaction & Tweets

A more than deserved win!

Manchester City Beat Wolves 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

What a good win!

Manchester City Complete Comeback, Beat Dortmund, 2-1: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and real show of resolve.

Manchester City Draw At Aston Villa: Reaction & Tweets

A missed opportunity.

Manchester City Win Convincingly, 6-0 vs Nottingham Forest: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and performances.

Manchester City Overcome Odds, Beat Crystal Palace, 4-2: Reaction & Tweets

What a game and group Pep has assembled.

Manchester City vs Newcastle proved a thrilling match, 3-3: Reaction & Tweets

Here we go, after a great win!

Manchester City Crush Home Opener, 4-0 vs Bournemouth: Reaction & Tweets

A very good win!

Manchester City win in London, 2-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great start to the season.

Manchester City Lose Community Shield, 1-3: Reaction & Tweets

Not good!

USA Tour — Manchester City defeat Bayern Munich, 1-0: Observations and Buzz

Great game, crowd and atmosphere!

Official: Riyad Mahrez Signs Extension

Man City keep a star!

Thank You, Raheem Sterling - Manchester City Supporters

A great run as we bid goodbye.

Best Reactions to Erling Haaland Signing: Manchester City Fans Rejoice

A buzzing morning!

Julian Alvarez Nets SIX goals, Sets Manchester City Fans Ablaze

What a night!

Manchester City are Premier League Champions, AGAIN: Reactions & Tweets

What a way to win the back to back title.


What a win!

Manchester City Level in London, 2-2 vs West Ham: Reaction & Tweets

A subpar result.

Manchester City Win Away, Slam Wolves 5-1: Reaction & Tweets

A huge W and away victory!

Manchester City Crush Newcastle United, 5-0: Reaction & Tweets

A one sided affair send City top again!

Manchester City Suffer, Eliminated from UCL: Reaction & Tweets

A big loss and impactful one.