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2012/13 PL: Blocked Shots AT Plus 1 Game State

What I want to show you now is each teams blocked shots info at Plus 1 game state.

Why Plus 1?

Well, this is the game state where an awful lot of teams go into a shell, try and protect the lead and, in most cases, employ a pretty defensive tactical set-up. This defensive set-up should capture teams' effectiveness at blocking shots. Now, I am not going to use raw block numbers, instead I will use the percentage of shots for /against that were blocked.

Percentage Of Opponents Shots Blocked at Plus 1 Game State

% of Opposition Shots Blocked
Man United 44.90
Norwich 39.80
Man City 33.66
Sunderland 31.67
Everton 31.01
Tottenham 30.38
Stoke 30.11
West Brom 30.10
Liverpool 28.95
Wigan 28.95
Swansea 26.42
Aston Villa 26.19
Chelsea 24.84
Southampton 23.81
Newcastle 23.21
Arsenal 22.64
Reading 20.00
Fulham 19.86
West Ham 19.42
QPR 17.54

Man United lead the league in a counting stat category! In all seriousness this is a really interesting number. United blocked ~45% of opponents shots when they were leading by a single goal. We also know that United spent a crazy amount of game time at +1 <link>.

Man United spent 1033 minutes at +1 and Norwich, the second best team in the chart above, spent just 476 minutes at plus 1. In short, United's sample is large enough over the course of a single season for it to be trusted to an extent.

Man United, when shelling and in shut down mode are a shot blocking machine. And no other team really gets close to them. City have a decent sized time sample at +1 and they are around ~25% worse at blocking opposition shots than United are.

The rest of the table is a little tricky. Some good teams - Chelsea, Arsenal - reside in the bottom half, but to me the top half doesn't seem too out.

Percentage Of Own Shots Blocked at Plus 1 Game State

% Of Own Shots Blocked
Man United 16.88
Fulham 17.50
Newcastle 19.32
Swansea 19.57
Southampton 19.57
Norwich 19.64
Stoke 21.31
Sunderland 22.22
QPR 24.00
West Brom 24.05
Tottenham 24.79
Aston Villa 25.00
Reading 25.64
Chelsea 28.29
Man City 28.66
Liverpool 29.41
Arsenal 30.66
West Ham 32.05
Everton 52.23
Wigan 62.75

Whoa! Man United top the list, with just 16.8% of their shots for blocked by the opposition at +1.

Taking both of these tables at +1 GS we know the following about Man United:

  • United block a crazy high percentage of opposition shots.
  • The opposition blocks a ridiculously low percentage of United's shots when United are at +1
Finally, just as the new season is about to begin I find a counting stat other than PDO (luck) in which United led the league. Man United spent the most time at +1 game state last year and although they didn't have the best +1 Fenwick they had the best +1 goal difference with a +12 number.

Now we have Man United's voodoo magic in terms of blocking shots at +1 game State.

Any theories or explanations are always welcome........