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Fenwick: Minus 1 Game State

Just to prove Man United were actually good at something........

Fenwick At Minus 1

Minus 1
Everton 84.2
Tottenham 68.3
Man United 67.9
Man City 63.6
Chelsea 61.8
Stoke 58.2
Swansea 58.0
Newcastle 56.3
Liverpool 56.2
Southampton 55.0
West Brom 53.3
QPR 52.8
Sunderland 50.9
Arsenal 50.5
Wigan 50.3
Aston Villa 45.7
West Ham 43.5
Fulham 41.2
Reading 38.8
Norwich 37.2

Yes, I did check Everton's number. It is correct. Tottenham and Man United are the teams who join Everton in the super group at the top of the table.

Oh, and we have a team who were worse than Reading, that is quite the achievement by Norwich. Imagine being worse at chasing the game than Reading were.