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Fenwick: FenClose

Fenwick is the name for the ratio of a teams unblocked shots. By unblocked we mean missed shots and shots on target.

Fenwick ratio = shots on target for + missed shots for/ total shots on target (for & against) +total missed shots (for & against.

Get it?

This table shows FenClose for every PL team in 2012/13.

Close game state = game actions at -1, tied and +1


Table is sortable.

Team Close
Tottenham 65.44
Man City 63.87
Liverpool 62.81
Everton 61.34
Man United 57.99
Arsenal 57.35
Chelsea 54.6
Southampton 51.21
Swansea 51.21
West Brom 50.08
Newcastle 48.9
Stoke 46
Wigan 45.4
Norwich 45.3
QPR 43.83
Aston Villa 42.74
West Ham 42.03
Sunderland 41.37
Fulham 41.24
Reading 36.73

Reading were fucking terrible all season and it shows here.. Fulham, Sunderland and West Ham all drop down a few places once we remove blocked shots.

At the top of the table, Spurs and Bale were dominant. United's skill and points total still isn't reflected here in their FenClose score, although this number (57.9%) is superior to their Close TSR/Corsi of 55.76%.