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Manchester City Clear Everton Test: Reaction & Tweets

What a win and performance by our Norwegian!

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Manchester City v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Manchester City and Erling Haaland are back with a vengeance! The Norwegian gets a brace as his return after over a month out settled this one. Paired with an excellent performance by the other players we move on to the reaction to this great win!

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“I love to win this type of game,” said Pep.

“The difficulty is there, we knew it. Everton at home is always complicated. We lost a lot of points over the years.

“What I am happy with the most was the shape and the body language in the second half was much better.

“The first half we were complaining. 12:30 kick-off is more difficult, but the body language was not good.

“The chemistry between the players, we have to better, in the second half we were better.

“We read better, the space we should attack. Kyle, Kevin, Bernardo, and Jack made an incredible contribution - especially Jack in the last minutes, to keep the ball.

“I like to win these games suffering. How difficult it is in the Premier League. Nothing is for granted.

“The way they celebrate shows how difficult it was and how pleased they are.”

“Since day one, Kevin needs runners and the runner off Kevin needs assists,” he said.

“There was a connection in a natural way. Kevin is back, Erling is back and it’s so important for us. The first goal was so difficult. I’m really pleased.”

“It’s similar to Goodison Park, we changed our rhythm like today. Hopefully next season we start better against them.”

“Positivity makes you perform better. If you feel sorry for yourself nothing happens,” Guardiola pointed out.

“I wanted to see how the players reacted after Treble but since day one I didn’t have doubts. Phil [Foden] has played better than last season. Julian [Alvarez] played more than last season.

“I see the team every day and in my opinion it’s fresher, better.

Notable Tweets