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Manchester City Down Burnley: Reaction & Tweets

A really good win to keep pace at the top.

Manchester City v Burnley FC - Premier League Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Manchester City make good with a win and plenty of returns as Erling Haaland is back and Kevin De Bruyne made his starting debut as captain.

We move on to the reaction-

“Today in modern football, set-pieces are really important,”

“We won in the FA Cup at Spurs with a corner and today we prepared with Carlos and Jack.

“I’m not involved with anything in set-pieces because I’m not good... or the other ones are better. I don’t have time I would say, and we are preparing things in the corners like every team does.

“Especially we prepared this free-kick and it worked.

“Kevin had to make a perfect pass, and Julian had to make the movement and it was a good finish from Alvarez.

“Someone had to come with the idea, and we are going to do this so all credit to Carlos and Jack.”

“If today it was 7-0 at half-time, maybe Erling would have played more minutes. With 1-0 maybe he would have not played one minute. I don’t know, I didn’t have a plan before the game,”

“He had no clear, clear chances, but three or four that he didn’t control or the pass from Jeremy [Doku] didn’t seek him.

“Whatever he can score, this is the quality of Erling.

“We’ve been really good for the last two months without him, but with him we’re a better team and we’re really pleased that he’s back.

“They [Alvarez and Haaland] can play together. Alvarez is an exceptional player.

“It’s more of a headache for me but they have to compete.”

“My feeling when I see Arsenal playing, they control many aspects of the game and it’s quite similar with Liverpool.

“When you see the games, every game they are better than their opponent.

“They can lose games, of course, but they are better.

“I know how strong they are but still we are there and we want to continue.

“We are there and the important thing is we are there.

“We did our job and now we recover and go to a place to face a team [Brentford] who last season we couldn’t take one point.

“Always for us they have been really tough. One game at a time and we’ll see what happens.”

Notable Tweets