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West Ham United v Manchester City - Gut Feelings

How Our Team Think City Will Fare Against the Hammers

Manchester City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey - Danehouse/Getty Images

Oh football, we have missed you. Instead of the Premier League, we’ve been subjected to Waistcoat Southgate, a dismal draw with Ukraine and a win against Scotland, a match that saw Harry Maguire think he was part of the Tartan Army (oops, better be careful or mummy will be telling me off).

And so we travel to face our friends and fellow European champions West Ham United. We’ve had a decent record at the home of the Hammers in recent years, however, the home side are more than capable of springing a surprise or two against us and they are definitely not to be taken for granted.

Here’s what our writers think of today’s game and for this one, we welcome back Craig for his first gut feelings since becoming a dad. Raise your child a blue, Craig!


After a seemingly eternal layoff we are back! City should be roaring to go and given some players got breaks (not Rodri) and we could get some inspired play. Give me a 2-0 win.

West Ham 0-2 City


West Ham have started well, and certainly do pose a threat, but I expect the 100% record to continue. City look imperious as ever. Barring too many tired legs from the international break catching them cold, I think Pep’s boys will pretty comfortably pick up the three points this weekend.

West Ham 1-3 City


A battle of unbeaten squads as the Premier League returns. City head to London and the Hammers are set to host the REAL Champions of Europe. The team returns from international duty in good health aside from Mateo Kovacic, and I expect the lads to be ready to resume their unblemished campaign. Give me two more goals for Erling and big smile for Pep on his return to the touchline. 1-4 to City.

West Ham 1-4 City


This is the best game of the season where I’m legitimately nervous. West Ham have already gotten big wins against both Chelsea and Brighton by sitting back and attacking them on the counter. At times, West Ham have also had success doing that against us.

Kova’s for sure out, seems like Grealish and Stones are potentially still out as well, it’s got all the makings for dropped points.

The saving grace is that it’s Pep’s first game back in charge and I am assuming he’s still fuming from the lackluster performances from the games he was forced to watch from home.

I’m still optimistic, but I absolutely expect West Ham to have several promising moments hitting us against the run of play. After having his name dragged through the mud by his international manager, I expect Phil Foden to put on an absolute show. Manchester City 2-1 West Ham.

West Ham 1-2 City


I love matches against West Ham and they are genuinely the only team in the league that I don’t mind losing to, not that I think we’ll lose today. They’ve got a great set-up, are playing well and have adapted since losing Declan Rice. In fact, I’ve seen some Hammers fans on social media saying the team are playing better without Rice and that he was holding them back. Sounds odd, but there could be more than an element of truth behind it.

I’m not expecting a big win, the type that we were getting a few years ago as the Hammers are better equipped, but I’m still going for a win for the blues. Phil Foden took a bit of flack in midweek from Southgate and I’d expect him to show Mr Waistcoat exactly what he can do. We’ve got a few people out but I think we’ll make it.

West Ham 1-2 City

Predictions Table

Okay, everyone but Pete went for a 2-0 win last time out and we all got it wrong, thanks to Mr Haaland grabbing another hattrick. We’re not complaining though - the more he scores, the more tears flow from opposition fans.

Not much has changed in our table, but we’ve got some varied predictions this week, will anyone get it spot-on? And will Craig get some points on the board?