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Pep Talk: “[There are] opportunities now for the other ones.”

A look at the future of City.

Manchester City FC Training Session And Press Conference - UEFA Super Cup 2023 Photo by Alex Caparros - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola previewed the Sevilla match, had some words for the injury of KDB and who could replace him.

A really good presser ahead of an opportunity for some hardware.

On to the reaction-

“First of all, the injury to Kevin is a blow and big loss for us,” he continued.

“Kevin has specific qualities. You can lose it for one or two games but for a long time this is tough for us.

“But we have to look forward and we have alternatives there at other options.

“[There are] opportunities now for the other ones - life gives you that - and I am pretty sure they will take it.”

On Gvardiol

“I am really pleased for his debut,” he added.

“Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to train together because of the schedule we have.

“After the game against Newcastle we have eight days to do training sessions.

“So step by step they will learn. But he is here and he is more than ready to do it.”

On Rico

“You cannot imagine [how good the news is].

“When a player from the Academy signs a five year contract, it is a reality for us [and a] huge compliment to our structure, Academy, for the scouting when he was seven/eight years old and all the managers who have been with him and educated him.

“I am fortunate enough to know his father and mother and they are, and he is, an amazing person.

On Sevilla

“You have to win the UCL or UEL to be here. Hopefully we come back, maybe not. To win in Europe, in December when we go for the Club World Cup. We’re happy, relaxed, what an honour to play this competition...”

“You cannot imagine how happy we are to play this #SuperCup game because we have to win the #UCL. We have to take this opportunity, who knows when we are back...”

“I have a feeling, excuse my arrogance, that #ManCity are favourites [for the #SuperCup]. We have a quality, but of course we know there are no favourites. I saw the second leg of Sevilla vs United; United were weak, Sevilla can be strong...”

“Not easy. Maybe for Sevilla it’s easier, they won a lot of #UEL’s. When they play good, they win. Character and resilience. They have something that makes this club. I have the feeling it makes them more dangerous against us...”

A really good match as we look to claim another trophy.