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Manchester City Take First PL Match, 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great win and we get some reaction.

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Burnley FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Mike Morese/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A great win to start the season. A small hamper by the De Bruyne injury, but still a half firing City took all three points away. We are happy with that as the start is important.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“We are still away from our best form but we have to try to not drop points in this period with this amount of games,”

“How you solve this lack of preparation is a question of mentality.

“We were fortunate to break the game early with the goals from Erling. But after we created problems for ourselves, against man to man that was not correct.

“There was a moment after 30-35 minutes when Julian, Bernardo, Mateo, Phil dropped and we attacked with full backs on the outside and made a lot of passes.

“In the second half we were perfect trying to isolate Erling 1 on 1.

“The first game away against a newly-promoted team with the passion and love they have to be back in the Premier League, always it’s so tricky.

“We behaved exemplary. We gave away the ball in different positions but they showed the heart and passion.”

“It’s the hamstring again. Same position. I don’t know [how long he will be out] it depends on the magnitude of the injury but it will be a few weeks out,”

“Of course, he’s down because he fought a lot.

“He felt really good and I spoke with him. He wanted to start. To play for 45 minutes was the idea.

“Maybe it was a mistake. But when someone is injured after 15-20 minutes, it’s not about that, it’s about something wrong.

“If it happened after 60-65 minutes it could be fatigue of the muscle. We have to talk with the doctor and with him. He has to free his mind and he’ll be back for sure.

“I remember one year I think in our second Premier League together he was injured for a long time. He knows a little bit what it’s like.

“He lost the final of the Champions League after 25 minutes. He felt really good and I spoke with him and he said he felt perfect.

“He wanted to start play 45 or 50 minutes that was the idea. Unfortunately it happened and of course he’s disappointed but he is strong and he will be back.

Notable Tweets