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Pep Talk: “What’s next? Next is Burnley. Vinny..”

A great start to the season vs an old friend.

Manchester City v Arsenal - The FA Community Shield Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Talk and the Premier League s back! We have a good presser as we kick off the league and move into the best league on the world.

Pep spoke about that challenge, the match, expectations and more.

Let’s dive in to it-

“When we arrived here, the sense was completely different to build something, create something.

“We didn’t expect to win five Premier Leagues in seven [seasons] honestly, and people said ‘without the Champions League it’s not enough’. Okay, now we have it.

“What’s next? Next is Burnley. Vinny [Vincent Kompany] and what they do one hour away from here. Then after we enjoy the Super Cup. No more than that.

“I would say Erling didn’t need the second season, maybe one Community Shield game to realise, no more than that. I will advise him don’t put too much pressure on the goals,”

“I said to Erling come back your best and try to be your best physically and mentally. If you score, fine, if you don’t score, fine, try to improve your details and qualities and skills in the spaces to be a better player.

“And if the team is going to help you to give you as many chances as possible to score the goals, this is what I want him to do.

“I don’t want Erling to score 50 or 60, try to be happy like he was last season, relax and try to get back your best after holidays and Asia, you still need a bit more time.

“In September you don’t think about the title. But our level, day-by-day we will try to be better than the day before and go for it. We’re here so we’ll try.”

“I’m not going to promise you we’re thinking about winning the Premier League or Champions League, it’s too far away.

“Many things will happen in 11 months, not just City but all the clubs will have ups and downs.

“Just to see after an unbeatable season if we will fall down, but not too much. Stay close to our rivals who I have a feeling will be in front of us and then in the last four five or six months, okay let’s do what we have done the last few seasons.

“In the moments we should do it, we did it. I don’t want to do it now, now it’s about not dropping much.”

A great way to start the season vs an old friend in Vinny. Let’s hope for a win!