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Premier League Preview: Three Very Specific Predictions for the new season

A great new season.

Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Will Palmer/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

Manchester City kick off the season this Friday. So, ahead of the return of the Premier League, we will have days of preview content. Last season, we went 23 as Grealish did only have 12 combined goals and assists.

Today, we take a stab at predicting three items for the team. These are for the PL only, reminder.

1 Julian Alvarez will score over 15 goals

Let’s start with the starboy. I think Alvarez will play a good bit more than last season and rack closer to this mark given limited minutes, he scored nine, we could see this hit.

As far as the PL goes, Alvarez could play in a two striker system as the Pep tweaks will be coming. Add a potential spot at right wing under a more traditional 4-3-3 and playing time will not be a problem. He should have the chances to get this.

2 Mateo Kovacic Will Have Eight+ Goals

I know, the Gundogan replacement will have a tall task ahead of him and Ilkay only scored more than eight once. Still, we could have him in better spots as the team with Haaland will have more chemistry and more opportunity.

3 City’s defense will not concede more the 30 goals

A little bold here as we wait for number three for our hottest one yet. City last season conceded 33 goals and it was a success given the PL title was won. Now, we add Gvardiol and could have an even better defense.

A back line of any combination of Gvardiol, Ake, Akanji, Dias, Stones and Laporte. It is a really good team full of depth and quality. With Pep, this team could be special and could challenge the all time record for least goals conceded done by old nemesis Jose Mourinho. Pep will have a great opportunity to do it.

What are your predictions for this season? Let us know!