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Bernardo Silva and Jack Grealish Speak Ahead of UCL Final

A good look at the players mentality.

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Manchester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Manchester City are under immense pressure as the treble is in sight and the final match of the season has arrived vs Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League final. Jack and Bernardo spoke ahead of the match and had a lot to say.

Let’s dive right in-

Bernardo Silva

“The main message that he passes to us in these matches, not only against Real Madrid, but in this match against Real Madrid, because we’re in a semi-final of the Champions League, and because last year we had a match with them where they knocked us out in a strange way.

“It was tough for us to accept it, so we have to understand that we can lose because we’re playing against one of the best teams in the world, but we have to reach the end of the tie and have no regrets.

“We have to reach the end of the tie with no regrets, knowing that we did everything we could possibly do to have the best chance to reach the final.

“We have to be yourselves, have ball possession, apply high pressure, control the match, and create more chances to score.

“And if we did that, we knew that we would be a little bit closer to our final objective, knowing that we would be playing against a great team, but also enjoying the moment, because playing a semi-final in the Champions League is special.

“Reaching these moments is always very tough, so if you don’t seize it and enjoy it, you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to do it again.

“And I also think that you’ll get a little bit further from your objective because when you do things with enjoyment, you do them better.”

“Because we got first place in the Premier League and got to the semi-finals by eliminating one of the best teams in the world. And so we got to the last month of the season, knowing it would be very difficult, but we thought: ‘We’re fighting for all of these trophies, except for the League Cup, let’s go for it and give it our best. Whatever happens, happens.’

“And that’s what we did, and fortunately we got to win the Premier League and get to the two finals we wanted to reach.

“And now we’ll give it our all to win these finals and make history by winning the three titles. And most especially the Champions League, because it’s the title we haven’t won yet.”

Jack Grealish

“This is the exact reason that I came to City,” he said.

“To play in a Champions League final and have played such a big part in everything this year in the league and FA Cup too.

“It’s what you dream of when you’re a youngster growing up and even five or six years ago it was what I was dreaming of.

“So to go and do it in a final with this group of guys now is a privilege and a dream come true.”

“One of my main attributes is creating chances, of course,” he said when asked about how City’s style has helped get the best out of him.

“I want to drag people in and if I drag two or three players then we have always got another player, whether it be Gundo[gan] or Kevin [De Bruyne] spare on the edge of the box or in a dangerous position.

“That’s all about the team though. I can’t speak highly enough of this team at the moment, the players I am with and the way we play, it’s a pleasure to play in.”

Very interesting thoughts from both, the players know the pressure is squarely on them and they have to deliver for Pep, the fans and everyone inside the club.

What a match we are in store for.