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Manchester City: Update on Mateo Kovačić & Joško Gvardiol

A close and closer deals.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022”Argentina v Croatia: Semi Final” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

One deal very close and one being negotiated almost daily. Mateo Kovačić & Joško Gvardiol are the first two players City have set eyes on and according to the latest reports, it could be a while for one and near done for another.

Kova is a great player in his prime and could do wonders with Guardiola coaching. He would fit nicely as a rotational player who is more than fit to start if needed.

Gvardiol is also one of the most exciting prospects out there and given the breadth of games this club plays, will see much of the pitch. A Guardiola type center back.

Of the two, it surely seems it will impact who departs as Bernardo Silva is almost assuredly gone as we await the decision from Ilkay Gundogan.

City would like to close these two soon and one has to ask when the departures start.