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Pep Talk: “The most important skill is the mentality.”

A massive match awaits at Wembley!

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Brentford FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola knows how important tomorrows match in the FA Cup final is. He spent his presser prior to the match talking about that, injury updates, tactics and much more.

Let’s check it out-

Pep on preparation/mentality

“It depends on the players. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t even during the year,” he said.

“As an opponent you have to pay attention because with finals lately there are many arriving in extra time and penalties. It’s an experience and you have to try to control it.

“The most important skill is the mentality. You have two options. I’m going to score or I’m not going to score. That makes the difference if you are going to score or not.

“This has to work here [in the mind]. I decide right, left or panenka but you have to fully commit. I’m going to commit to this penalty.”

Pep on injuries

“They trained well last two sessions,”

“They are all of them more or less fine.”

Pep on Ortega

“He [Ortega Moreno] is going to play,” said Guardiola.

“I have always been like that in the FA Cup. At Barcelona and Bayern as well. The keeper who plays in the FA Cup is going to play.”

Pep on tactics

“It’s about how you perform individually, as a team, and all the details over this 90, 95 minutes. A final is that.

“It’s not important what you have done in the past or years ago, it’s just one game.

“We have to be the best version of ourselves to beat them.

“It should be good for us if we think about what we need to do to win one more game. Not like a title or finishing second or third, fourth or fifth.

“To analyse the strength of the opponent and how we believe the weaknesses they have and try to do it.

“It’s a football game, that is the most important thing. Surrounding it, outside, it’s normal, we can’t control it.

“The last two games of the season, we have to do what we have to do on the pitch to win.”

“The question is what are Manchester United doing in the last four, five, six months? It’s a different team to what we faced at the beginning of the season when we beat them here.

“They were much better when we played there and lost but I think we played good. It was a defeat but it’s football.

“I had the feeling the team, from the beginning of the season to now, has improved. That’s the reality.

“Their patterns are clearer and the quality they have is United.

“We are here and we have done well against them but it’s United. The quality of the players has always been here. Always they were good.”

What a match we are in store for! CMON CITY!