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CITYZENDuck: My Final Thoughts

A thank you to the readers as I end my time as a regular contributor.

FC Internazionale v Manchester City FC - UEFA Champions League Final 2022/23 Photo by Daniela Porcelli/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

Manchester City Football Club have completed the treble. Words I have only ever dreamed of writing. I knew that one day this beautiful club would win the UEFA Champions League. It wasn’t a question of if, only when. But a treble? The absolute stuff of dreams, and for me a dream ending to my days as a regular contributor here at Bitter and Blue.

I, like so many in this space, am a part-time writer with a full-time job on the side. I started my writing journey on a purely volunteer basis and it never really progressed very far beyond that. Fine with me, the only reason I started was a passion for Man City and a drive to write about the best football club in all the world. My career outside of writing has progressed to a point now that will no longer allow me the time to post my thoughts regularly.

I would like to thank all of you who make the Bitter and Blue community so special. You took the time to read the words I wrote and the posts I created while sitting in my home office in the pre-dawn darkness or sat in a hotel room out there on the road in Wyoming, or Michigan, or Nova Scotia. Knowing that what I was doing allowed people to connect with City in some small way was everything to me.

I would also like to thank Manc Pete and Saul Garcia for bringing me on here. I know that this blog stands in good stead with them at the controls. I look for big things in the months and years ahead. If you have thought about writing about City, you could do worse than writing for this great site. I encourage you to DM the lads on the blog’s Twitter account, @BitterandBlue1.

I plan to be around here from time to time, and you may see me contribute a few words here and there. I plan to remain active in the Twitter community (@duckman4real) and you might even see me pop up on a podcast now and again. But never fear, I am today as I shall remain, City ‘til I die. So I sign off one final time with words that shall ring in my head forever.

Champion of Europe, We Know What We Are!!!