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Pep Talk:“We arrive here with encouragement.”

A good presser.

Manchester City FC Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Manchester City head to Madrid as the semi final of the UCL has arrived. Pep Guardiola was in fine form today ahead of that match. He spoke about expectations, the match and much more!

Let’s jump in-

Pep on Madrid

“It was tough, obviously, but at the end we make an exceptional game in Manchester. Really good here, not exceptional, but it was not enough. We congratulate them and accept it...”

“One day we will reach the #UCL final and we will win it. We come here to do it this season, but we came here to do it last season...”

“We arrive here with encouragement. The way we play was really good. We’re not here for revenge, just another opportunity...”

Pep on preparedness

“We were prepared last year too. We’re the same managers, mainly the same players, but completely different games. The difference is the second leg is at home...”

“You have to perform to reach the #UCL final and we did it [last year]. We played exceptionally at home. It was okay here [in Madrid] and could have been better. Football is 95 minutes. We congratulate Real and now we are back...”

“It would be a huge mistake to think we are here for revenge, just another opportunity...”

“There are clubs who do crazy things to win the #UCL. Being stable is the most important thing. Winning it is important...”

“I have the feeling that after the first #PL [title], we wanted the #UCL. In two games, we are trying to do a good one and that is what we have to do...”

What a match we are in store for! CAN NOT WAIT!