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Manchester City Lose PL Finale: Reaction & Tweets

A bad ending to an otherwise special season.

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Brentford FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images

Manchester City are PL champions, but they lose the finale to Brentford. A 0-1 loss as the club moves on to the two finals and we conclude this season.

On to Pep Guardiola’s reaction-

“For these guys the best way to give them the opportunity to play is to surround them with the normal team and protection but it’s not easy.

Shea Charles against this team with top, top strikers, fast and strong, it’s not the easiest debut.

“At the same time we don’t play for points.

“Kyle helped him and Aymer and the other ones. He played really good and it’s fantastic for the academy.

“The academy in the last three years, the U18s, the U23s and the first team, three years in a row all three teams won all their leagues. That means the club is working amazingly.

“We know him, he trains quite regularly with us, he’s so good, so composed.

“When you can make your debut, after joining the club at nine-years-old and grew up to make a debut is the biggest compliment for all the managers he had and the trainers and those that take care of him.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a big moment for him.”

“The guys who are in Manchester - Ruben didn’t train for 10 days, Jack Grealish, as well.

“After the game against Brighton, Kevin felt the same feelings that he had before, weeks ago when he could not play a few games. It is what it is.

“It’s not a big issue, I think they will be ready. They have to be ready for the training sessions and I am going to see them in three days and that’s why today was so important to see these players and how they are.

“Phil is in incredible form, Riyad as well, Cole was so active in many things.

“To play the finals we have to play the guys who feel better. Not because they played a lot of minutes.

“Wednesday they will train and recover tomorrow. Hopefully (they will be OK), but right now, I don’t know.”

“Congratulations to Brentford for the victory,” he said.

“It was a tight game. They pushed more and it was difficult to face them.

“How quick they play, how aggressive and fast in all departments. But I don’t have any complaints, how good we behaved, and all the players were there.

“I said to the players after the game, today we finished the Premier League, that you deservedly won.

“Enjoy two days with your families, don’t see each other and on Wednesday we’ll prepare the first final.”

Notable Tweets