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Pep Talk: “It would be better to maintain our tone.”

A fantastic presser by the manager.

Manchester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola was in fine form as the match prior to Brighton had a lot of good stuff in it. From allegations, focus on the two finals and much more.

Let’s dive straight in-

Pep on finals

“People are going to say now next season just Manchester City can win the Premier League - stupid comments,” he said ahead of City’s penultimate Premier League game of the season at Brighton on Wednesday.

“The only problem with stupid comments is they get in your head. As much as they get in your head when people say it’s easy for City to win the Premier League it’s because you accept these stupid comments. But as much as they are in your head, they remain stupid comments. This is the reality.

“Next season will be tougher because all the clubs want to beat us, they don’t like to see all the time one team win, win, win. They want to beat you and that is the challenge.

“But if they want it, they have to do better than us. If it happens, then it’s part of sport, congratulations.”

Pep on staying focused

“It would be better to maintain our tone.

“I’m not talking about win or lose, I want to see that our tone is there.

“We cannot play like we have won [the Premier League]. Against these two teams, if we aren’t ready we will suffer a lot. And after it would be a problem.

“But if we maintain the tone and they beat us, they beat us – it can happen.

“It is understandable because they play against Manchester City, the winners in the last years of the Premier League and they want to show how good they are, that’s normal.

“The target of the Premier League is done. But we cannot drop much otherwise it will be more difficult.”

Pep on allegations

“We accept it’s there. If it happened, it happened. It happened with UEFA (in 2020), and after we decided what happened. Now it’s the Premier League. So… let’s go!

“Come on! 24 hours, sit down, talk, both sides, lawyers present. Don’t wait one year, two years. Why don’t we do it quickly! Come on, as soon as possible, for the benefit of everyone!

“No one, not even of course of us because we want to defend our principles. And if the people have doubts, okay, let’s do it as soon as possible, please. This is why we’d love it,”

“I will stay here next season, yeah. I will stay next season with 100 breaches for the Premier League against us, don’t worry. We will be there,” the 52-year-old said.

“It’s just one season at a time. What I would like is the Premier League could, or the judges, make (a decision) as soon as possible. Because if we’ve done something wrong, everybody will know it.

Pep on changes over the years

“In the fundamentals, anything. It’s the same. The way we conduct, the same we try to play. When we’re different is because we want to play with Haaland, or play with Sergio (Aguero) it’s completely different, or play with Haaland and when you play with Bernardo Silva false-nine it’s completely different. When we have Riyad Mahrez and Jack Grealish on the sides, or play with Raheem (Sterling) and Leroy (Sane) it’s completely different.

“The main difference in the way you attack or play is the quality, the skills of your players. This is, at the end, the tactics. But the fundamentals – the high-pressing when you see the first year and now, it’s the same. It doesn’t matter if you do it four against four, or we allow them to go to the right and after go to left, or we play on the goal-kicks man-to-man, or we let them make the first pass; the little details depends on the quality of the opponent.

Really good stuff by the Catalan, he spoke clear and left no doubt. Let’s hope we get through these few games before the finals, injury free.