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Manchester City Celebrate 3-Peat PL Title: Reaction & Tweets

A look at the celebration after the huge win vs Chelsea.

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Manchester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Manchester City are Premier League Champions once again! On the heels of a win vs a weak Chelsea, City crowned themselves and were on full display as they lifted the trophy on the pitch after.

Let’s get Pep Guardiola’s reaction and then look at some of the best tweets.

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“I have been so demanding in this period,” Guardiola said. “We lift the trophy so to think of going to Brighton is so exhausting. We know how difficult they are.

“The players have to celebrate otherwise it makes no sense. We will arrive with time to rest mentally for the two finals against United and Inter.

“We have to play two more games. I said enjoy it but be careful because we will destruct what we have done in these competitions.

“Now I have the feeling that all of us are a little bit tired because it’s been a long season. Now it’s the tendency to think it’s done.

“Still we have tough game at Brighton and Brentford, hopefully it can pass quick and then we have seven days to prepare United and Inter.”

“The feeling I have is we win five Premier Leagues and now we have the Champions League too,” he added.

“Sometimes it can be unfair for the fact you have to win the Champions League to give value to what you have you done.

“When I came here people didn’t say you have to win the Champions League but I know it is not complete if we don’t win the Champions League.

“Playing with this pressure is so nice. If we are not able to do it, sooner or later we will do it. We are there so we have to try.”

“To be one of the greatest teams in Europe you have to win the Champions League otherwise maybe people will say it’s not complete.

“But just in case we cannot do it against Inter or next season, what we have done is extraordinary. Everybody knows it.

“The next season all the teams will want to beat us, it’s normal.

“Defending our crown, mentally we have to prepare for that. That will be the challenge.

“We are going to play with the quality that we have - and human quality. The quality will be there.”

Notable Tweets