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Pep Talk: “We’re lucky to have the chance to finish at home with our people.”

A joyous Pep is ready for the Chelsea challenge.

Manchester City FC v Real Madrid: Semi-Final Second Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Isaac Parkin - MCFC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

A charged up Pep Guardiola was more than ready for the presser ahead of the Chelsea match. He spoke on expectations, possibly winning it Sunday and much more.

Let’s jump right on in-

“The PL is 10/11 months, every week. We’re lucky to have the chance to finish at home with our people. We have to take it...”

“We have to finish the job on Sunday.”

“Emotions are many things. We cannot be distracted. We will not forgive ourselves. Focus on every single game until the end of the season to finish well...”

“We have done it against Arsenal, Liverpool, United, the big teams at home. We feel we are strong, confident with our people.”

“We have done it many times, we cannot deny, #UCL semi-final, the best team in this competitions. They have done 11 semi-finals in 13 years. Do it against them gives us confidence and credit...”

“As a manager, I feel part of something. I never think it belongs to me. I’m part of that, we cannot deny. Without the incredible decisions of the sporting director, board, the players are the most important thing...”

“Being close to winning it again, in our hands, after last weekend, I’m really pleased. I’m not the only person when we lose semi-finals or finals, not only responsible...”

“We talk about mentality because we won. I don’t believe, I defend the team when we lose. Last year, we didn’t have mentality vs Madrid, we have the same mentality. To recover eight points, Arsenal 1st, a game in hand, it was fake...”

“We knew we had to win games and they drop. If Arsenal maintained the rhythm of the first leg [of the season], it wouldn’t be possible. They drop points and we were there. It means a lot to us.”

“You can’t play seven years the same. Different players; we used to have a false nine, now Erling [Haaland]. Two defenders don’t play the same way because they know you, they discover secrets. They counter, you have to create another...”

“In my mind, I would like to feel that we have to win to be #PL champions. In our mind, it doesn’t matter what happens in Nottingham...”

“Perform like [we have in] the last weeks, we will be there. We can celebrate something unique, at home, not away. Football is emotions; if we can do it at home, we have to do it.”

A great presser and we know he will have the team ready for a go Sunday.