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Pep Talk: “We play 11 versus 11 and our game will dictate what you have to do to reach the final.”

A smart Pep was on a roll.


Pep Guardiola is ready for the huge match vs Real Madrid. A huge match and Pep really talked about it all, from injuries, matchups, over thinking and much more.

Let’s dive right in-

Pep on players/injuries

“Except Nathan, everyone is fit,”

“I know they’ll be close to us because they know what this team has done over the last years,” he added. “They will not leave us alone, I’m pretty sure.

“In the bad moments they will be with us and in the good they will put us first.

“The way to put the pressure on our opponents is on our game. We play 11 versus 11 and our game will dictate what you have to do to reach the final.

“But of course in the bad moments they are there and will be there.”

“The emotion is there and the emotion will be high, it has to be high in these games,” he said. “But just this is not going to beat a team like Real Madrid.

“We have a gameplan and we have to execute it a little bit better than we did it in the first leg.

“We have to adjust something, we have to do it a little better to create more chances for our strikers and our people up front - get more balls in these positions, knowing that the transitions, the ball possession and the quality that they have in all departments is really high.

“It could not be any different, we’re playing against Real Madrid in the semi-final of the Champions League, we expect the toughest opponents we can face right now in the last few years.

“This is the challenge, we embrace it, we get it and go for it.”

A smart Pep who will have his team read and roaring to go.