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Pep Talk: “I don’t give motivational speeches,”

A smart and poised presser as we head in to another huge match.

Manchester City v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Isaac Parkin - MCFC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola was in a good mood after the huge win vs Arsenal. The City manager had a lot to say as he tries to keep his team up for the task. He spoke on how to stay motivated, injuries and the path ahead.

Let’s dive in-

“I don’t give motivational speeches,”

“Sometimes the voice is more calm or aggressive. I have to lift them, or against Arsenal, I didn’t have to motivate. They knew perfectly, even in the warm up.

“I always ask how they warm up and they said, relaxed, so calm.

“Sometimes the warm up is flat, sometimes they talk a lot. It’s the feeling, important to arrive at the right moment.

“The players know what they have to do, for example v Madrid, speeches? They know what they’re playing for, they don’t need words.

“They know how nice, important and privileged they are to be there.”

“Everyone is fit except Nathan.”

“He’s the same one (on KDB), you can’t demand every single player during the periods of 7, 8, 9, 10 years, every three days in this sport, 11 months, rest three weeks then preseason, sometimes sitting and not playing is good.

“It’s not a punishment, sometimes you have to see it and refresh your mind, notice his body and standards are so high and you have another game and to show how happy you are playing football.”

“When people say it’s over, it’s not over. When it’s over it’ll be over but it’s not. Still we have seven games, Goodison Park how aggressive [Everton] were and in every single game we play there and the opponent play for special things.

“Now we have to go to Fulham and win at a special stadium against an organised team. If we do our job we’re the closest but nothing is taken for granted. We were happy of course with the Arsenal result but that’s all, the day after it’s preparing for Fulham.

“It’s not 20 games left but seven games are seven games, a lot of games considering we have the Champions League around the corner.”

City need a result here and we should feel confident the club is up for it.