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Manchester City Beat Bayern, in Last Four of UCL: Reaction & Tweets

A great leg and win over a titan of UCL.

Bayern Munich - Manchester City Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

Manchester City is in to the last four of the UCL. The team played well enough and held their own in a new draw vs Bayern Munich. The result sees them advance on 4-1 aggregate victory and sets a date with 14-time champion Real Madrid.

Bring them on as we get to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“Erling is a threat, we know that.

“The penalty showed personality. He missed but that doesn’t matter because this is this competition.”

“He wants to reach the semi-final but I’m pretty sure he’ll learn in the future.

“Next time he’ll be there, he’ll be more secure and he’ll be more confident in the future to take the penalty.”

“To be honest, the result of 4-1 doesn’t show what was really in the two games from my point of view.

“I couldn’t expect anything different knowing how good they are, the physicality and ideas of Bayern Munich. I was impressed when I lived with them and I was impressed when I play against them.

“But in this competition it’s the details. Last season in the semi-final of the Champions League we lived the opposite part and in the right moments in these two games, we were there.

“We controlled it better in the second half from minute one. The only regret is that we didn’t have more sequence of passes so we could finish quicker.

“But knowing the quality of our opponent, congratulations to all at Manchester City, thank you to our fans and now we rest and play on Saturday our FA cup semi-final [against Sheffield United].”

“I heard that they have reached 11 semi-finals in 13 years – so hat’s off [to them]” he said. “We are three and what we have done is incredible to reach the Champions League semi-final.

“I think all the clubs in the world have the feeling if you want to win this competition you have to beat Real Madrid right now.

“Before it used to be Barcelona but now it’s Real Madrid.”

Notable Tweets