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Pep Talk: “This is the best way to compete.”

A good test in a new look Leicester comes.

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Manchester City v FC Bayern München: Quarterfinal First Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Isaac Parkin - MCFC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is sure of the challenge ahead of the team as they chase down the first place Gunners. For him, the next challenge is the most important and this week it’s Leicester City, let’s check out the best from this week’s presser.

Pep on title race

“The only impact I believe is that everyone knows in their body that if we lose, it’s over.

“This is the best way to compete.

“In every action, in set pieces or transitions, every player is living here because they know they need to win that duel or action or we lose the game. That’s when you have the best.

“For experience I have doubts about if experience counts a lot.”

“Sometimes our experience of games every four days, you are in incredible rhythm and focus. It helps us.

“In the past when we were playing in a lot of competitions it helped us.

Pep on LC

“It is not easy, we know from experience,” the boss said of facing his Leicester counterpart.

“First of all I am really happy he is back. The first time we played against Aston Villa and Norwich and I know from Jack [Grealish] how exceptional a person he is and the good vibes he creates.

“That will help Leicester right now. It’s always uncomfortable as I didn’t see one way or the other [in Smith’s play].

“We will have to adapt in the first 15 minutes because I don’t know what they will do.

Pep on players

“When I make a selection, always I think about the players who didn’t play. Everyone wants to play and everyone wants to do their best.

“I understand completely they want to be in there to help the team.

“Can you imagine the last seven years without Kevin De Bruyne? It’s impossible. You see the games against Liverpool, Burnley, Southampton.

“But every game is different and I saw in that moment, I felt the need for change with Julian [Alvarez] and the other ones. That’s why I’m here.

“The players might believe it’s personal, but in that moment I try to do the best to win the game. If it works, it’s how good I am, if it doesn’t it’s how bad I am.”

Need all three points again so let’s get them!