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Pep Talk: “It’s an honour to be here against an elite club like Bayern Munich.”

Champions League is here!

Manchester City Training Session and Press Conference - City Football Academy - Monday 10th April Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola knows what it took to get here and in his match presser prior to the UCL clash, he spoke about such a varying set of topics.

Let’s dive straight in:

“It’s an honour to be here against an elite club like Bayern Munich.

“It’s not for granted. You have to deserve it. You have to play good and try to do [well in] the first [leg] tomorrow.

“We tried last season. We tried two seasons ago. We tried three seasons ago. Every single season. But there are teams that you face that are also good, too. They want to win it too.

“My ambition is to be here again, that’s my dream, to live it again and be here in a Champions League competition.

“We want to try like we try all the time but it doesn’t mean we win.

“What’s going to happen? I don’t know. [If we’re] going to win, everything is going to be perfect. If we lose, we will be a failure.

“Nothing is going to change. The day after, [there will be a] sunrise. We will try it again in the future.

“Now, I have the feeling and that everyone knows that if we lose or drop today points here, Leicester or, of course, Arsenal, we have no chance.

“Still, we are there. [There are] Many games to play. What’s important is we are still alive in three competitions.

“I like it, you go to war thinking ‘if we beat Leicester we are still alive’. ‘If we win against Arsenal we are still alive.’

“Going there thinking: ‘nothing to do’, it gets worse.”

Huge match and it will be at home. City need the advantage before the return leg in Germany.