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Manchester City Overcome Newcastle, 2-0: Reaction & Tweets

A much needed win!

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Manchester City v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Manchester City keep pressure at the top as the team claimed Newcastle as the latest to fall. City played really well and seem to have overcome earlier struggles. Some fresh players and more from Pep Guardiola led o this very professional win.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“We have two days off for everyone - it’s not necessary to see each other for a while because it’s been really tough with travelling and no days off,” Guardiola said.

“Before the international break then we have three games in six days in three different competitions and they will define our season.

“Palace, Leipzig and Burnley will define our season and what we are able to do for the rest of the season.”

“They are an exceptional team,” the boss added. “We started the first five minutes [so-so] and after we got the goal that helped us with a brilliant action from Phil.

“We were a little bit lucky with the deflection but he was aggressive like he always has been. We missed that a little bit this season – [the mindset of] it doesn’t matter what happened, I’ll go at you. When that happens, a deflection will come for your side.

“We played a really good first half, the second we started really well, then they had the momentum and then we break the game - up and down.

“That is why we decided to bring on Bernardo because he helps us to make possessions longer. We needed to keep the ball and that is part of his intuition, to take the ball in the middle.

“To always take the ball between the legs, he has this incredible ability. We won the game, we didn’t suffer much at the end - an incredible result for us because it was a tricky game.”

Notable Tweets