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Manchester City Run Rampant in UCL: Reaction & Tweets

Just a big, big win!

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Manchester City v RB Leipzig: Round of 16 Second Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Seventh heaven! A complete and thunderous match by the City boys as they won a 7-0 win. What a match as the star was Erling Haaland and his five goals, but the team played so well around him including a rejuvenated Kevin De Bruyne.

On to the reaction-

“Five goals, what can I say?” Guardiola said. “I said many times, he’s a joyful guy. His mood in the locker room is always happiness.

“He is a gift to all of us. He is a huge competitor, his mentality is there. He scored five goals which is not easy.”

“Today he scored five goals and I think he made 30-35 ball contacts and this is what we are looking for,” the boss added.

“I had the feeling when you are involved in the game offensively, defensively, when the ball comes to score a goal, you are more clever, more precise, you are in the game.

“Always we have scored goals here in the Champions League,” he said.

“We scored four against Madrid, six against Monaco, four against Tottenham.

“The problem is not the feeling that we don’t score goals. The problem is we concede stupid goals in the past.

“We give them. Most of the cases we give them.

“And in this competition and one of the reasons why for the build-up, for many things, we play four central defenders in that way, it does not mean you are defending team.

“I know my team. They are so solid. Nathan [Ake] is so focused for 90 minutes. They are so stable here.

“It’s difficult to score - he can do it though - when you don’t touch the ball for 40 or 50 minutes.

“Sometimes it’s his fault, sometimes he doesn’t move. I said in Palace, you didn’t play well today. But other days, it’s our fault.

“In Leipzig, we could not find him. We did not find him in the second half. Sooner or later we are talking about, we are working a little bit and everyone because we try to make the process sometimes quicker.

“If he achieves this milestone at 22, his life will be boring!” Guardiola said. “Now he has a target to do it in the future, that’s why I made the substitution.

“I didn’t know it happened with Messi, they told me. I made a substitution because normally when a game is over and I want use as many players as possible.”

Notable Tweets