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Pep Talk: “It’s so nice to be there in Europe, showing our club all around Europe. I like it.”

A great opportunity to show at home we can move on in the UCL!


Manchester City boss is back in the saddle as he previewed the UCL match vs RB Leipzig. Under Pep, City need to advance and the first leg provided a great result. Now, too close it out at home will be very important as City want to make another great run in the UCL.

Pep on UCL

“Chelsea went through. We’ll see what happens with Liverpool. I’m not thinking about the pressure of defending the UK. Every team in the past goes two, three, four teams in the quarter finals from the same country, and everyone says it’s the best league. This league is good, like in Spain, Germany, Italy. This competition, like the FA Cup, one game, two games, many things are involved. Things you can’t control. I’m not a fan to make theories that the result depends who you are.”

“Absolutely, it is a lovely competition, so nice. Playing teams from another part of Europe. It’s the same teams, stadiums in England. It’s so nice to be there in Europe, showing our club all around Europe. I like it.”

Pep on RBL

“It’s the same with many theories about this club. We cannot control it. It’s nice at the start of the season that we are the main candidates, the main favourites in this competition. Something we’ve done in the past, otherwise they don’t consider it. The reality is 95 minutes on the pitch. Leipzig, after the draw, even before the first leg, they are a really good team. Any team in England, Napoli, Milan, Madrid, they are too. A lot of qualities, many strengths. We have to impose our game, we have to win the game. It’s easy, it’s not about how many goals to score. Just win the game.”

Pep on team

“That is why we’re here. I didn’t know any team or manager that didn’t try to win a competition. Everyone wants it to win it. I’m not an exception.”

“A lot. Barcelona was many, Bayern (Munich) a lot. Otherwise, we don’t win titles. The mentality to score goals, a holding midfielder or defender, after making a mistake it doesn’t matter, a good action in the next one. A keeper concedes a goal, you don’t have a lot of them, you don’t have a chance. The biggest factor for a team for 95 minutes. You will suffer, how you behave in those moments is key.”

“They are so aggressive in their high pressing, have an incredible build-up, use the keeper. Eight players inside, two incredible wide full-backs. You close inside, they go to their full-backs. When you defend outside, they have more players inside. It’s so difficult to control. Have to be in the right tempo for pressing. (Christopher) Nkunku is exceptional, they live lots without him. I hope for a speedy recovery. Try to find our spaces and places, our quality to punish them.

Let’s button this one up and advance, sounds like Pep and the boys are ready.