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Manchester City Clear Crystal Palace 1-0, Away: Reaction & Tweets

What a great win as the title race intensifies.

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Crystal Palace v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Manchester City go down south and come away with all three points. They beat Palace thanks to a deserved penalty by Erling Haaland. City played well all match and had much positive vibes in this one.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“What a holding midfielder,”

“There are no words to describe – with or without the ball, the presence he has and how clever he is with the ball and he attacked with the ball the space when he saw it was there so yeah, an incredible, fantastic game.

“He’s one of the best, for sure. Not as good as his manager.”

“He has to score five goals every game,” joked Guardiola.

“So when he doesn’t score there is pressure – this guy doesn’t have to feel pressure, he’s having an incredible season so far – he missed a couple of chances in the first-half, and I think the penalty was more difficult!

“But he’s always there and he enjoys it and the way he celebrates his goals and his team-mates’ goals shows how happy he is here and how happy we are with him.

“The numbers are there for themselves and to score that many in this league especially – and we are still March – one of the biggest attributes I have learned from working with him is he never loses his focus.

“He can have one chance, two chances but he doesn’t get sad or depressed – he is always thinking positively – ‘I’ll get the next one’ – he knows he will get chances and he will be there and that is a fantastic attribute to have as a football player.

“Normally, when you are in football or basketball and you are thinking about the last action, you cannot be your best, but this guy is thinking ‘ok, how long do we have? I have an hour’ and that is good.

“Of course he feels the pressure – the pressure is nice, and he has to live with it and handle it. But that is good and drives you to be your best.”

“Football is like that,” the City boss added.

“We played incredibly at Nottingham Forest, and we could have won 5-0 but we drew.

“From my experience at Selhurst Park, coming here is always so hard.

“They are so hard to play against, they are really good.

“I couldn’t expect to win four or five-zero, but we always struggle to score goals here.

“They defend really well with the physicality they have and they have incredibly talented players like Zaha, Eze and Olise – they keep the ball, they have a good connection between each other.

“They attack down the channels and yeah, it was quite similar to last season - but in the end we won the penalty and with the determination from Erling, we won the game and at this stage of the season, it was really important.”

Notable Tweets