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Manchester City Charges - The Fan’s Reactions

Blues Supporters At Their Very Best On Twitter

Manchester City v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Joe Prior/Visionhaus

Well, Monday was an interesting day as the Premier League diverted attention from a woeful display at Spurs, where City couldn’t hit a cow on the arse with a shovel, by giving us something else to focus on.

Much to the delight of opposing fans, with supporters of two clubs in particular who seriously think they’ll get additional league titles, the Premier League decided to charge the blues with over 100 rule breaches relating to the club’s finances. They obviously saw how the blues dealt with UEFA and thought ‘yeah, we’d like a bit of that.’

However, the decision by the Premier League to drop these charges on the blues, after over four years of investigation, should really have been met with anger and derision by the club’s supporters. Had this happened to any other team, that would almost certainly have been the reaction. Can you imagine Stretford End Steve crying into his morning Mocha on the banks of the River Thames? Or LFC Joe wondering if he should find a new club to follow and spending his morning pricing up the cost of flights from Dublin to London?

But Manchester City supporters are a different breed. We’ve seen things they’ll never see, and that is such a poignant phrase to use as we look at the reaction of the fans.

While some have been defending the club and stating that the hierarchy will bring the Premier League down (they will and it will be so much fun to watch), a large number of Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to react in true Manchester City supporter style. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far (apologies for Rachel, there’s no helping her):

Former blue Kevin Horlock is already getting ready for life back in Division 3:

Always thinking ahead is Mr Horlock.

Steve is also looking ahead at life in the lower divisions and is pondering winning the Champions League to add to the silverware already won:

When asked if that constitutes a double, Steve brilliantly replied ‘only if Liverpool do it.’ Legend!

@Silky04_ summed up the mood perfectly

Not a single ounce of panic in the blues camp then.

Die Hard blue Rachel may be looking forward to the good old days:

And never one to mince her words Rachel had a few things to say about the media:

Never change Rachel. Never change.

Paul thinks Yaya’s cakegate is another cause for a charge:

Pay him some more!!! And get the man another cake!

Meanwhile, Dave gave some rather disturbing insight in to one of the many charges lobbied against the blues:

WHAAAAAAAAAT????? If that’s true, then I’m sorry, but the book needs to be thrown at the club immediately!

Next one... Oh no!!! Just No!!!

Think I’d rather resurrect Alan Ball! Zombie football or as it’s better known, watching Spurs.

Ash thinks the Premier League are unhappy with the size of legendary fan Pete The Badge’s lunchbox (Stop it).

The Paris Angel wants more information on possible punishments, and to be honest, no one would rule any of his suggestions out at this stage:

Anyone who ever used the Kippax toilets will agree with this. In fact, I was at this game and can verify the insufficiency as a genuine concern:

Urgh, Kippax toilets.

A piece of utter brilliance here. To the tune of the Beautiful South’s Rotterdam...

But the absolute gem, the hands-down, no-argument, not even open for discussion winner has to be this entry by @hundredmillie.

11 words is all it took.

Join in the fun and let’s get hashtag #thingstochargemancitywith trending on Twitter.