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Pep Talk: “The team is there. I have the feeling,”

City manager confident in his club.

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Manchester City face another grueling UCL campaign as this time they travel to the German side, RB Leipzig. The team and Pep are confident as he spoke about that, the opponent, an injury update and much more.

Let’s get right to it-

“The team is there. I have the feeling,”

“We won in London against Arsenal. Maybe we were not who we are but we competed well. Without that it’s not possible. We had the resilience.

“The last game against Nottingham Forest was our highest standards. I love the way we played but we didn’t win because it’s football. I don’t have the answer.

“Today the training is there. That does not mean we are going to win but I have a good feeling.”

“I love it. I love being here. It is a privilege. Every year it is more and more difficult to just qualify for the Champions League.

“The dream is to go forward, do good and go to the quarter-final.”

“Kevin and Laporte [are missing through] illness,” the boss said in his prematch press conference. “They are not ready for tomorrow.

“It is what it is. During the season, unfortunately sometimes that happens.

“Everyone puts the perspective that it is a disaster if you don’t win the main prizes but I am blessed to be here.

“When I came here I never thought that we have to win every year and three or four Champions Leagues. Last two seasons we have been really close and performed really well.”

A stern test ahead, let’s hope the club is ready for it.