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Manchester City: Contract Negotiations, Transfer News and more

Let’s get you caught up on the four biggest pieces of news.

Manchester City v Arsenal: Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Manchester City had a relatively quiet window this January and that to e only signalled a huge summer window is in store. As we enter that we hit today on five of the latest pieces of news surrounding new deals, transfers and more.

1 Cancelo dispute dust up

Let’s start with the shocking departure of Cancelo. The Portuguese star departed for Bayern after an alleged dust up with manager Pep Guardiola, well sources recently to City Xtra claim it was much to do about nothing.

The good part whether the dust up s true or not is he did and does value the fans and teammates he had here. We will probably see him this summer again.

2 Kalvin Phillips could one and out

The England star could be one and done. In what seems highly unlikely, the player is said to be on a 50/50 shot to stay at the Etihad after this year.

I’m not keen to believe this one as many players, barring Erling Haaland, usually take at least a year to settle in, we remember Rodri, no? Then add the injuries and it being a World Cup year and I do feel we are a bit harsh on him, so I do think he stays another year at bare minimum.

3 Ilkay Gundogan could re-sign

Another new report as Gundogan could re-sign for the club. This comes after serious interest from Barcelona and Bayern on getting him this summer, but now he could do a 1+1 deal with City. The player has had game time and City will need some veterans to stay on if a mini exodus does happen this summer. This seems a win-win.

4 Aymeric Laporte unhappy with playing time

In what seems to be a theme, many senior players have concerns about paying time. Laporte is now on that list as the new report is he wants more time. It makes sense, but the team has to understand with a even more restrictive and packed schedule, Pep will have to rotate more than usual. They will all still lay, so I’m not really buying this one here. Laporte barring a huge development seems he will stay.