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Pep Talk: “We are in the position I could have dreamed to be at the start of the season.”

A really good presser.

Arsenal FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola knows the challenge that lays ahead as his Manchester City travel to face Nottingham Forest. The club will face a tough test and as Pep spoke on that, leadership and the vibe around the club.

Let’s dive in:

“Without doubt (having strong leadership) is the most important thing,”

“Playing good or bad is not the most important thing in a long season, especially when trying to win titles.

“The quality of play is impossible to maintain in every single week, when you are playing three times in a week.

“We are in the position I could have dreamed to be at the start of the season.

“I would not have expected to be a lot of points in front after winning titles back-to-back, it’s almost impossible.

“We are there again, with 15 games to go. Close to the top of the league, (and) we want to be there with eight, 10 games to go and then we must make the last rush and effort.”

“Obviously Jack is playing really good,” said Pep.

“I’m not talking about decision making, we talk about his ambition or aggression.

“Attacking the backline, the quality was always there, but his commitment to take a risk and important decisions right now makes the difference.

“He has to continue (doing this).

“Kevin is playing really good, too. It’s like Jack, I’m so pleased for everyone, but I want more.

“Momentum is when you win 10 games in a row, it hasn’t happened this season. We lost three games ago, we lost in north London against Tottenham,” he said.

“Momentum is tomorrow at 3, be ready. Mentally against a team who has just lost one game in the last six. Many important games at home with the crowd.

“With a manager we respect a lot for what he’s done for English football with a young team.

“What he did last season when he took over, Nottingham were in a really difficult position. They got promoted and he’s done really well.

“Yeah [impressed] with [Cooper’s work with], the national team as well, absolutely. We admire him in a tough moment in the beginning of the season and the results are there.”

A great game to go and win and maintain the pressure on the top team.