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Manchester City Conquer London, Beat Arsenal 3-1: Reaction & Tweets

A win that can lead to a title.

Arsenal FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Manchester City have made it a huge fight for the title now! A great win at the Emirates vs Arsenal gets City level on points and still just one game back. Points will be dropped and City will have to be disciplined and just play their game.

A great win and tactics from Pep Guardiola and company.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“We are built as a team to go as a crazy team. When you wait, float a little bit, the opponent... That’s not who we are. Second-half we were more aggressive, winning duels. When that happens, we’re a better team!”

“Losing here, it would have been almost over...”

“There are times when you can’t use it but Bernardo has something special in personality and character. He started left-back, then right-wing and it shows you how good they are. He plays football, understands many positions and did very well.”

“It’s a long road. There are plenty more games to play.

“Coming here and winning against that team, second half we were much, much better.

“The second half was excellent.

“Still they have one game left so I consider they are top of the league.

“Still many games to play. Many games.

“It is difficult for everyone but what is important is we come here, few weeks ago maybe eight, nine points behind, losing here would be almost over.

“And now for the fact they dropped points, we come here for the chance to be close.

“We won the game and yes we are there.

Notable Tweets