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Pep Talk: “The players will be focused on our game [vs Aston Villa]. That is for sure.”

A very interesting presser.

Manchester City Training Session Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola certainly had time today as he tackled just about all he could today. The manager spoke on the accusations against the club, match v Villa, his role at the club and much more.

Let’s get right to it:

On accusations

“My first thought is that we have already been condemned.”

“What has happened in these weeks after Monday is what happened with UEFA.”

“We had accusations and now we are charged. The club proved we were completely innocent [with UEFA].”

“Personally, I am happy we are here. Like with UEFA, we have the chance to defend. We have good lawyers, but I cannot say that UEFA had bad lawyers.”

“Time will dictate what is going to happen. But just incase we are not innocent, we will accept what the judge and the #PL decide.”

“If what happened with UEFA we are innocent, then what happens to restore our payback, our damages...”

“We will go to the low division, no problem. We have been there before. We will call back Paul Dickov, Mike Summerbee and make a good process.”

“I’m fully convinced that we will be innocent, and then what will happen next?”

“Be careful in the future. Many clubs can make suggestions and there are a lot of clubs that can be accused, like we have been accused...”

On future/team spirit

“I’m delighted with the team. I know how they are training lately. Normally we didn’t give up, in the previous seasons, in the toughest moments, we had the feeling that we are going to do it.”

“The players will be focused on our game [vs Aston Villa]. That is for sure.”

“When the games are coming, everyone is going to do the job they have to do. Ourselves on the pitch, the lawyers in the court.”

“The future is this lunchtime, after this marvellous press conference...”

Will be an interesting match v Villa, these accusations could unite the team and give them a jolt.