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Quick Match Recap: Manchester City Fall vs Aston Villa, 0-1

A bad one.

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Premier League - Villa Park Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

Welcome to your quick recap.

Manchester City lose in a disaster of a match as they were outshot, out fought and out played. From mistakes, errors, and much more, it was a night to forget for the club.

A match that had similar beats early, but where we could not see progress as two Erling Haaland misses really were all the danger created in the 90+ match.

One where City was not in control with possession and chances created. They played a bad match and even going away with a point is a missed chance.

City had so many players who played badly and this seems to be a case of a night to forget as we move on in the title race. No depth, mistakes and general fatigue sunk the club tonight.

The real only guy of note who did play well was Ederson

The story of the night is that City get a loss and are now six points off the top.

The new season is here and it will make for a fun one as there are many contenders.

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