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Pep Talk: “But I see how my team ,how we fight..”

A good look into the City manager.

Manchester City v RB Leipzig: Group G - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Photo by Ryan Crockett/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Manchester City face Aston Villa as the Premier League rolls on! Pep Guardiola held his usual presser pre-match and we have some things to get to.

On to the news:

“He [Neville] knows how difficult it is because otherwise Gary Neville would have won four Premier Leagues [in a row] during his best period at Man United - but he didn’t do it.

“But I see how my team how we fight; how we press; how we continue to the end, how upset they are after they concede goals…

“I don’t have that feeling but maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t have that feeling. If you drop points people then say ‘Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham what a disaster’, but what do people expect - that we get 120 points?

“But I saw how we pressed Tottenham, Liverpool in the first half and Chelsea in the bad moments and I don’t have that feeling like we’re not playing well and naive and don’t respect the opponents, not at all. I don’t have that feeling.

“Try to arrive in March and April being there in all competitions. This is the target but I’m very pleased with the team, very pleased.”

“Football is like that, you have to accept it - sometimes it happens in some moments. You have to try and break it and try to win games.

“Sometimes we want to score goals and sometimes we aren’t able to do it and we are tired.

“We play against top sides with an ability to do it. The players know it, we’ll try to improve.”

“Already 15 games (have been played), there is still 72 points to play for, but of course if they’re there so far then they can be there (at the end).

“I think in the knockout stages of Europe, Emery is used to playing every three days, as he did at Sevilla, PSG, and Arsenal.

“They play every three days, so he knows how to handle the training and mindset of the players.

“Of course they can be there.”

This will be an interesting match as City need the points to keep pace.