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Pep Talk: “The more you win, they want you to fail more than ever...”

Animated Pep.

Manchester City v Fluminense: Final - FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023 Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Champions of the world, Manchester City visit Goodison as they face Everton. Pep Guardiola had his usual presser and well he had a lot to say.

Let’s dive right in-

On doubters

“The more you win, they want you to fail more than ever... People say, ‘How good they play, the methodology, how genius,’ but it’s because I win. They don’t understand anything about what we do but they give credit just because we win...” [

“In the moment you don’t win, there are going to be doubts. That is OK. Doubt [us] again. We’ll see what happens...”

On future

“Against Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Tottenham, it’s real proof they [critics] don’t care about the way we play. We played quite similar to the best levels we have played these past eight years. But we didn’t win so it’s a crisis, a disaster...”

“We try it again. Not again to win five titles [in a year] but just try again. The greatest athletes forget as quick as possible the successes. There is a day to celebrate, but around the corner is another competition...”

“The satisfaction of what we’ve done will remain but we have to do it again. I’ve never started a season thinking, ‘How many titles can we win?’ It’s a horrible approach. Next is Goodison Park. Further than that doesn’t exist, not anything...”

On rest/return

“Of course we have bad moments like Aston Villa, who were better. But what’s the problem? They can play better so we have to accept it and move forward. The reality is we are happy, but they are waiting for us around the corner [to fail]...”

“It was really good these five days [at the #ClubWC] - we create an incredible team building and spirit and Walker drive/guide us. With the backroom staff together, play games together, talk. It was really good, we behave really well...”

We move on to the match after a very re-assuring presser.