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Pep Talk: “FIFA decided to create and expand more.”

A sober look at the CWC.

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FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023 - Previews Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola gets some shots in as the congestion of matches continues to be an issue. Now, he spoke about that, the match vs Urawa and much more.

Pep on FIFA

“FIFA took a decision all clubs support... We’ll fly to States, hopefully with families, play the Club World Cup there. FIFA decided to create and expand more. It’s the same with the World Cup. It was less, now more… We have to adapt...”

“I’m not against new competitions, I’m against the lack of time to recover year by year. This is what I’m complaining about all the time. It’s fine to play every three, five, seven days, but when we finish the season we [need time] to restart...”

Pep on CWC

“It’s Manchester City’s first time here and it is a pleasure to be here - an honour,”

“We take it as a privilege, it’s an honour to be here. To be sitting here and play tomorrow means you have done something exceptional in the past. We have to take it, play a game tomorrow and deserve to be in the final.

“We want to close the little circle and win all the trophies we could do. This is the last one...”

“In the Premier League you have another game in three days, here it may be another lifetime. It’s difficult to win here and the players know this. That’s why we want to play well tomorrow.

“But to play the final we know we have to play this first final, play well to get it.”

“To be in the final, first there is a tricky semi-final,” Guardiola warned.

Pep on Urawa

“Football in Japan grew up incredibly in the past ten years. They are sharp and quick on the transitions and unpredictable in many cases.

“I respect them a lot and of course I want to be in the final next Friday of the Club World Cup.”

Let’s hope for a great win and advancement to the final.