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Charges: A Manchester City Poem

One by one they come.

Borussia Dortmund v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 1: Leg Two Photo by Joosep Martinson - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

No Charges

So many lies

With fingers pointed

Judged and tried

By the Social Media anointed

You’re guilty, so guilty

They shout with glee

With no evidence at all

Only media hearsay

It’s painful and it hurts.

Why doesn’t City retaliate

Read all the articles

It’s already too late

Our Owners aren’t stupid

We all know what’s to come

Like UEFA before them

We’ll beat the Premier League and their clubs

Through their lies and tears

Our great Club will rise

Unbeaten and stronger

Together we survive

We’re different, we’re better

Our City will prevail

Just like UEFA

The Premier League will fail

Coz cream always rises

Straight to the top

Let rivals cry

City ain’t gonna stop

A relentless machine

Thanks to Pep and our boys

City collect trophies

Other teams throw out their toys!

So come on all Blues

It’s us against the world

Trust in our Owners

Get those flags unfurled

City will win this fight

The Premier League we’ll defeat

Look to next May

Our City will 4peat!!