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Quick Match Recap: Manchester City Beat Manchester United, 3-0

A great win away in the derby.

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Welcome to your quick recap.

Manchester City conquer Old Trafford as they leave with a win and feeling good after that performance. With Erling Haaland finding form and an assist, the club and players played incredibly well.

A match that had a similar feel to most City matches and resulted in some great play for the team as the intensity was there early. It was a bit disjointed at points, but chances were created and it led to an all around great win and performance.

One where City was in control with possession and chances created. They played a really great match and this time earned the win.

City had so many players who played well and this seems to be a case of a good win in an away setting. Domination.

Two others of note who did play well and were lively were Jack Grealish and John Stones who showed up well.

The story of the night is that City get a win and are in the thick of a title race.

The new season is here and it will make for a fun one as there are many contenders.

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