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Pep Talk: “It will be one of the toughest tests we have this season.”

A huge match vs a worthy opponent.

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Arsenal FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Pep Talk is back as Guardiola gave his usual presser in the pre match build this time vs Brighton. He hit on many topics including fittess updates, De Zerbi, and much more.

Let’s dive in-

On De Zerbi

“I think I admire him for the fact it doesn’t matter the team he plays, he proved you don’t have to be in a top, top, top club or with top, top exceptional players to make your team play how you like to play,”

“It’s not a surprise the success his teams have because he is playing deservedly.

“Even when they lost to Villa, he plays his own style, it doesn’t matter transitions, deflections, Aston Villa, a top side this season for the quality they have with the manager and players, but they do [play], it doesn’t matter.

“Tomorrow will be an example. It will be one of the toughest tests we have this season. We’ll try to go for it.”

On Ballon D’Or

“It’s nice that many players for Manchester City will be there for the first time in many years and challenging for these trophies,” Guardiola said.

“That makes us so proud for our organisation and for all of us.

“Always I said the Ballon D’or should be two sections, one for Messi, then after look for the other ones.

“Haaland should win, yes. We won the Treble and he scored 50 million goals but of course Messi, the worst season of Messi is the best for the rest.

“They both deserve it. What can I say?

“I would say I want Erling because he helped us achieve what we have, I would love it but they (Argentina) won the World Cup.”

On Fitness

“He’s (Rodri) so important,” the boss said. “He will learn.

“Before he was sent off, there were two fouls on Rodri but the ref didn’t apply the rule. Without that he’s not sent off. He wasn’t punished, but after Rodri has to learn.

“Even with the mistakes we make and they make, we have to control emotions, stand up and go. But I’m sure he’ll learn.”

together,” Guardiola added.

“When we need a game with transitions and need something with a little bit of chaos, Kalvin is perfect.

“It’s something you need to do and today I see one or two players who do it better, the reason is as simple as that, nothing more.

“But he’s here and when the transfer window is open, nobody knows.”

On to the match and it is a big one.