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Manchester City Down Wolves, 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

What a win and match!

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Manchester City ran all over Wolves and won 3-0. All three goals came from Erling Haaland as he and Kevin De Bruyne found a groove. City controlled a lot there as the team made a great performance,

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“They trained really, really well.

“We spoke a little bit what we have to do with the ball. Without the ball, we didn’t train anything because I would say we didn’t have energy.

“We talk a little bit these days about what we think we miss. It’s just one game. We will see in the future.

“Our football was really, really good. Today we improved. That was just today. We will see what happens in the next games.”

“The numbers are incredible,” Guardiola declared.

“He lives 24 hours for his profession, job, passion, love.

“He’s not stressed much when it’s going well or going bad. He is stable. He feels the defeats. It’s really good.

“Listen, when we lost the competition (Community Shield) against Liverpool, all the debate (in the) week, ten days before West Ham, is he will not adapt to the Premier League.

“When he played and scored, I don’t know many goals, he is the solution and everything of the team and when he does not score, he is the problem in our team. This is a great vision of these kind of things.

“We know his quality. We know each other. He is not a player to be dropped. We can’t play the false 9 with him. You have to adapt some movements with him. And we are doing quite well.

Notable Tweets