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Manchester City’s Next Season Kits Leaked: Report

A new era and possible 3/3.

Manchester City Unveil New Signing Jack Grealish Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Manchester City saw the next seasons kits leaked. The new kits are all gorgeous and Puma has done a much better ob with them since coming on all those years ago. This season was a 23 for me as the club keeps making them better.

Take a look at next seasons leaked kits:

Really a good job by all. The home kit has some qualms about the collar, but I really like the design and homage as the kit satisfies every thing we want in a home kit.

The away kit is elegant and has some of that City red that we’ve all come to love Paired with the off white base and I also really like it.

The third kit is the most bold as the electric streaks are a hit or miss for some. I like the contrast on the that as the rd print on the blue base works for me and the lines add extra juice.

What are your thoughts on the new leaked kits?