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Screw job at Old Trafford: Manchester City Lose 1-2 vs Manchester United: Reaction & Tweets

A bad defeat that leaves the club reeling in the Premier League.

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City were beaten at Old Trafford by old foes Manchester United for a crushing defeat. The call in question was a big missed call that saw a clear and obvious offside that led to a goal and momentum changing spell for United.

A really tense game decided by the refs did no one any good and City come out of it hurt and dazed in the PL.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“I said to the players – don’t waste energy thinking what happened. Focus on Spurs.

“I would not say we win or lose for this action [the controversial first goal]. Of course, it was involved – an important one.

“But wasting energy thinking about what happened in the past, you are in the next game.

“The best thing to do is analyse the things we have done good, what we can improve and then focus on Spurs. Now it is done. It is gone.”

“The game was really good. We played really good.

“First half, we start really well, control really well. But we were not in the right position just in case we lose the ball to avoid their run.

“In the second half, we adjust and it was brilliant.

“It was quite a similar game like we played many times here. We perform and behave in our best.

“We missed a little bit up front the quality, sometimes that happens, that is not the problem, the problem is not behave like we did a few days ago in Southampton, today was completely different – like we are.

“I congratulate the team. I am proud to come here and play with this personality.”

“We’re not going to win for the next 25 years everything but we’re going to fight and today we fought and played to win but sometimes football is like that and you don’t win,” the boss reflected.

“Of course, we want to try and what I want is to behave in this way and sometimes it happens and sometimes not and I know what we have to do is be better and better and better in this league.

“We lost the Carabao Cup, we lost it. But it’s not about losing in the Carabao Cup, it’s the way we lost. I was sad, really, really sad.

“Today the way we tried to do it, we were close, we missed a little up front but in general I am satisfied.”

Notable Tweets