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Quick Match Recap: Manchester City Robbed at Old Trafford

A highway robbery at OT.


Manchester City 1, Jack Grealish 60’

Manchester United 2, Bruno Fernandes78’, Marcus Rashford82’

Welcome to your quick recap.

Manchester City have lost a tough match after a huge and massively missed call on a goal that really turned the tides on the title race. A missed call offside and Pep and company have now dropped points.

A cowardly style of play by Man U made the match incredible difficult for City, who did not create much before the Grealish goal that opened up the whole game.

One where City was in control with possession and chances created. They played a better second half but it will be the atrcious ref that has the MOTM in this one. From missed calls, no cards, several non penalty calls and more, City seemed off the back foot since the start.

City had so many players who did not look up to par.

Two of note who did play well and were lively were Jack Grealish and Manuel Akanji.

The story of the night is that City get robbed at OT and have now lost pace with Asenal in the title race.

It’s a bad loss and one that will sting extra this time around.

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