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Ederson: “We know the grandeur of the competition...”

Brazilian keeper well aware of expectations.

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Ederson is more than ready for the new season of Champions League Football. From the new teams in the group stage to the weight of expectations on Manchester City.

He spoke about the pressure and knowing what they are in and much more, let’s dive in:

“We all work to achieve that goal of winning it. We know the grandeur of the competition and the level of the teams involved,”

“If they are involved in the competition, it’s because they are the best teams in Europe. The reality is that only one team can win.

“It’s a trophy that we all want to win.

“We have always tried and we haven’t managed to win it yet. But every year we are closer and closer to winning it.

“We need to keep working hard and focus on every game to be able to fight for the trophy.

“We have the quality and the capacity to win the only trophy left to add to our cabinet.”

It is good to have a confident keeper and likewise I can’t wait for the new UCL campaign to kick off!