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That’s My Club: Frisco Sky Blues

Q&A with the Official Man City Supporters Club in Dallas, TX

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Welcome back to our weekly feature on Manchester City Official Supporters Clubs. This week, we were able to get some time with Jake Pappas of Frisco Sky Blues (Dallas). Jake took the time to answer a few questions about the club.

CITYZENDuck: How did Frisco Sky Blues get started?

Jake Pappas: Frisco Sky Blues Dallas TX (our full name with the club) was actually started as many supporters wanted a welcoming environment where City Supporters could meet and have fun with each other. Many of us wanted a passionate fan group that promoted equality to fans of the club new and old. We proudly have members from Manchester(England), Kenya, Algeria, and many other nations that all live in Dallas, TX.

CD: What is the best thing about being a member of your club?

JP: I’d say that the best thing about being a member of Frisco Sky Blues Dallas TX is how we sing every match from first minute to the final whistle with 40-80 members every match. The atmosphere is electric! We proudly meet in the previously voted “Number 1 Soccer Pub in America”, The Londoner in Addison(Dallas), TX so we have banter with rival fans almost every match. We are growing very fast but we have a strong sense of togetherness and we remember to maintain our welcoming environment for all City Supporters.

CD: What is your favorite memory your club has made together?

JP: There have been too many memories to have one but if I were pressed to name one, I’d mention the recent trip to Houston for the preseason match vs Club America. We brought 76 members to the event and were loudly singing and passionate the whole time we were there. Our group has a party every time we meet which makes every match a positive memory.

CD: Where can City fans find you on matchday?

JP: We meet in Dallas, TX at The Londoner of Addison. We are there every match rain or shine.

Gathering with your mates to cheer on the Sky Blues is a great way to share your love for City and the beautiful game. If you’d like to link up with the Frisco Sky Blues or the OSC in your area, you can find you local Official Supporters Club at

The Frisco Sky Blues are on Twitter @FriscOSkyBlues_, and you can join the fun on match days at The Londoner Pub in Addison, TX. Thanks again to jake for his time. Keep an eye here for the next club to be featured. We do it every Monday on Bitter and Blue.